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Tag: NZ-Northland-Region

Whangarei, Northland Region on the North Island of New Zealand

Whangarei is a good choice for staying overnight or even longer. The small city offers enough opportunities to keep a visitor busy and happy: Town...

Kauri Trees (The Northland Region, New Zealand North Island)

2000 year-old sentinels of the forest For a relatively young country such as New Zealand, a stark reminder of its ancient history is the Kauri...

Waitangi, New Zealand: Treaty of Waitangi (Treaty Grounds)

Waitangi Treaty Grounds Waitangi is the place where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed on 6 February 1840, and the site of subsequent annual commemorations...

The Northland Region (North Island of New Zealand)

  The Northland Region Historically it's the place where all started: In 1840, at a place called Waitangi, the chief Hone Heke became the first of...

Paihia and Russel, Bay of Islands, North Island of New Zealand — a destination for travelers

Paihia is a little seaside town at the Bay of Islands -- it is located across the bay of Russel. Swimming, kayaking, sailing, helicopter rides...

Hundertwasser toilet art in Kawakawa

Bay of Islands: In 1998 Fredrick Hundertwasser submitted a design to the Kawakawa Community Board for their upgrade project of the 40-year-old toilet facilities...

Ninety Miles Beach, Cape Reinga (Northland Region, North Island of New Zealand)

Ninety Miles Beach and Cape Reinga It’s not really 90 miles long, nor is it New Zealand’s longest beach (that would be Ripiro Beach a...

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