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Hundertwasser toilet art in Kawakawa

Hundertwasser Toilets Art in Kawakawa, North Island of New Zealand
Hundertwasser Toilets Art in Kawakawa, North Island of New Zealand

Bay of Islands: In 1998 Fredrick Hundertwasser submitted a design to the Kawakawa Community Board for their upgrade project of the 40-year-old toilet facilities in the central township. The world-renowned artist Hundertwasser got the ‘job’ and established a piece of art.

Location: 60 Gillies St, Kawakawa (see map below)

Most photographed toilets in the world? May be not but for sure a piece of art!

The Fredrick Hundertwasser designed Kawakawa toilets (Bay of Islands). Hundertwasser first visited New Zealand in 1970 and liked it so much that he decided to purchase a house close to Kawakawa and made it his second home. The artist was born in 1928 and died in 2000 – he found his last rest in New Zealand.
Kawakawa (Bay of Islands @ the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand) is located approx. 60 km (37 mi) north-west of Whangarei.

They were designed and built by internationally renowned Austrian artist and architect Frederick Hundertwasser, who first visited Northland in 1970, and eventually adopted Northland as his home. Hundertwasser designs using a very recognisable style which features no straight lines, recycled bottles, ceramic pots, and the use of plants and trees. The Gaudi styled project has seen the town façade change as businesses adopt Hundertwasser styles, and has significantly benefited the towns economy due to increased tourists.

The toilets were recently awarded the prestigious Golden Plunger award – a world wide search for the best public toilets as voted by travelling public.

Arts plays an important role in the Northland Region: the Twin Coast Art Trail

More than 1000 professional artists have made the Northland Region their home and visitors can find more than 120 art galleries and studios that are open to the public.

When You arrive visit an i-Site (see our page: Data & Facts) and ask for further information regarding the Twin Coast Art Trail and the museums, studios, and galleries.

Spectacular coast and lush subtropical forests combine with a vibrant cultural past, to offer a rich spiritual environment for creative inspiration.

Artists such as internationally acclaimed potter Richard Parker, glass artist Shona Tirman and painter Laurence Berry are some of the many creative entrepreneurs of the imagination that live, work, breathe and create Northland art. Their stories are often told through their art pieces, and are as interesting as the art itself.

Cache’s of artists can be found around the region – including The Quarry and The Town Basin in Whangarei and the township of Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands .


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