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Electricity and Voltage in Germany — you need a travel adapter

220 Volt AC in Germany If you want to operate devices which you bring from your home country, such as notebooks, mobile phone, battery chargers...

Germany Travel: In a restaurant

Seating Usually there's no 'wait-to-be-seated'. If you enter a restaurant it depends what type it is -- in most simpler places you can just go...

Tipping in Germany — how much?

Gratuity, 'tipping' in Germany How about 'tipping' in Germany? Tipping in German language is: "Trinkgeld geben" (meaning 'giving tip'). The curiosity is that gratuity (the tip) is...

When are School Breaks in Germany

  School breaks in Germany heavily influence the travel landscape: higher prices, reservations for popular destinations are needed, traffic on the German Autobahn is substantially...

Discover Germany by Rail

Travelling by rail is comfortable and easy to do in Germany Deutsche Bahn, the German railway network, has special programs available for international travelers who...

Getting around by car (in Germany)

Germany has an excellent road system and getting around by car is an easy undertaking. Rules and Street Signs Germany deploys an international set of road...

Arriving in Germany – Entry Requirements / Customs

European Union or not? Upon arrival in Germany the visitor has to pass the immigration control (passport control). There are two types of lines: a) for...

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