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The Northland Region (North Island of New Zealand)


Map New Zealand: Northland Region
Map New Zealand: Northland Region

The Northland Region

Historically it’s the place where all started: In 1840, at a place called Waitangi, the chief Hone Heke became the first of 46 to sign the founding document of bi-cultural New Zealand.

Northland is not only rich in history but has also an impressing subtropical nature experience to offer. From ancient Kauri forests, 90 Miles Beach & Cape Reinga, top diving locations and hundreds of kilometers of a stunning coastline – that’s Northland.
On the following pages we are describing the beauty & history of Northland and are leading you to some places that one has to visit in one’s lifetime.

Data & Facts about Northland Region


ca. 150,000
12,600 km2 (4,864.86 sq. mi.)

Visitor Centers: i-SITE

All cities and most towns have information centres that are focused on the needs of travellers. Around 80 of these centres are branded with an ‘i-SITE’ sign, which tells you that the centre is part of New Zealand’s official network of visitor information sites.

International visitors can call into i-SITE visitor centres at Auckland and Christchurch International Airports on arrival and pick up a map that lists i-SITE locations throughout New Zealand.

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