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Arizona, USA – visiting The Grand Canyon State

Arizona, USA
Arizona, USA

The state’s nickname is ‘The Grand Canyon State’.
Grand Canyon National Park with its approx. 4 million visitors each year is only one of the highlights of Arizona. There are about 24 more National Monuments, Parks and Forests. Arizona has a worldwide reputation for having gorgeous golf courses and golf resorts. Phoenix, the multi-million metro city, offers many cultural events and everything what a visitor expects from a big city.

From deserts to mountains

Arizona is home to the huge Sonoran Desert in Arizona’s Southwest with for example the Saguaro Parks or Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument as part of it and as well the amazing Petrified Forest in the northers part of the state. There are hundreds trails for hikers and desert fans.
But the higher elevations offer great skiing expereince: around Flagstaff you’ll find the Arizona Snowbowl, some miles west the Williams Ski area. Northeast of Tucson lies the Mount Lemmon Ski area inmidth of the Santa Catalina Mountain Range and further northeast the White Mountains (200 mi northeast of Phoenix) promise great skiing during winter.

Golf, Phoenix’s Metro Lifestyle, Native Americans

Arizona has a worldwide reputation for having gorgeous golf courses and golf resorts, some of the best in the world.
Phoenix, the multi-million metropolitan city in the ‘Valley of the sun’, offers many cultural events, great shopping opportunities, and everything else what a visitor expects from a big city.
22 Native American reservations are located in the state and are the perfect place to learn more about southwest indian culture and heritage or to find ‘original Arizona’ handcrafted gifts.

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State Essentials

State Name
Arizona  – State Abbr.: AZ
– Statehood Ranking: 48
Land Area
113,635 squaremiles  (294,304 qkm)
– Land Area Ranking: 6
(2000; Census every 10 years)
The Grand Canyon State
Ditat Deus (== God Enriches)
Highest Point
3.848 m / 12,625 ft (Humphreys Peak)
Lowest Point
21 m / 69 ft (Colorado River)
Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7hrs, MEZ-8hrs) in winter and Pacific Time (GMT-8hrs, MEZ-9hrs) in summer.
– Dayligh Saving Time
– no (see above), but Indian reservations have DST!
The Palo Verde
The Saguaro Blossom
The Cactus Wren
The Ringtail
“The Arizona March Song” and also: “Arizona” (by Rex Allen, Jr.)

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