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Colorado, USA – visiting the Centennial State

Colorado, USA
Colorado, USA

‘The Centennial State’
“I believe that we live in Colorado in the midst of one of the most spectacular landscapes of the world” – Bill Owen, former Governor of Colorado. Colorado has indeed much to offer – much more than its renowned “Champagne powder” snow… there are many historic places, monuments and outdoor activities for the visitor to explore. And the weather is almost perfect throughout the year.

Although Colorado is famous for its white powder snow and excellent ski landscapes, there is much more and probably something for everybody.
Besides nature monuments, historic places, hiking opportunities and climbing adventures, Colorado has some of the most impressive and beautiful landscapes within the USA.

Colorado is situated in the southwestern part of the US. The western half of the state is dominated by the rough mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains.
From December to March/April thousands of winter sports fans flock to the famous ski resorts of Aspen and Vail as well as to the many others, which might not be so well-known but which have at least the same good or perfect snow conditions.

No matter where in Colorado one spends his vacation, – from mountain climbing, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, camping, white-water rafting , skiing – all of these activities are possible. Colorado is also the state for people who want to experience the ‘wild west’ with typical landscapes, cowboys and native Americans – a lot looks familiar… as seen in many movies.

Neighbor states of Colorado are: to the east Kansas and Nebraska, to the north Nebraska and Wyoming, to the west Utah and to the south New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Colorado is a diverse state with mountains, plateaus, canyons and prairies. The eastern half consists of flat land and prairies which arises to the west, the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. The continental divide runs from north to south through central west Colorado and divides the state in east and west.

The overall elevation of Colorado is one of the distinguishing geographic elements which makes the state on average the highest state in the nation.
The average elevation is 6,800 ft (2.073 m) Highest point with 4.811 m / 15,784 ft is Mount Elbert. The lowest point with 1.100 m / 3,609 ft is the Arkansas River.

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Weather, Climate & Temperatures

Climate / Temperatures
Warm (more hot), dry summers and cold winters, spring and fall have a very moderate climate. Blizzards can occur in winter and often shut down traffic completely.

Year-round, depending on intended activities. Most snow can be expected usually in March. Summer & fall are perfect for Mountain biking and hiking.

Average Temperatures: Denver, CO

Jan 6,1 (43) -8,3 (17)
Feb 7,7 (46) -7,2 (19)
Mar 10,5 (51) -3,9 (25)
Apr 16,1 (61) 1,1 (34)
May 21,1 (70) 6,6 (44)
Jun 27,2 (81) 11,7 (53)
Jul 30,5 (87) 15 (59)
Aug 30 (86) 14,2 (57)
Sep 25,5 (78) 9,4 (49)
Oct 19,4 (67) 3,3 (38)
Nov 11,7 (53) -2,8 (27)
Dec 7,7 (46) -6,6 (20)

State Essentials

Colorado Flag

State Name
Colorado  – State Abbr.: CO
– Statehood Ranking: 38
Land Area
103,718 squaremiles  (268,620 qkm)
– Land Area Ranking: 8
(2000; Census every 10 years)
Biggest City
The Centennial State
Nil Sine Numine (== Nothing Without the Deity)
Highest Point
4.811 m / 15,784 ft (Mount Elbert)
Lowest Point
1.100 m / 3,609 ft (Arkansas River)
– Dayligh Saving Time
– yes
Colorado Blue Spruce
White and Lavender Columbine
Lark Bunting
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
“Where the Columbines Grow” (since 8-May-1915; by A.J. Fynn)

Brief History of Colorado

In 1861 Congress established Colorado Territory with boundaries of present state. Five years later in 1876 Colorado is admitted to Union as the 38thstate.

Named the ‘Centennial State’ because it entered the Union 100 years after the signing of the Nation’s Declaration of Independence. Denver municipal Auditorium, seating 12,500, is completed in1908, just in time for the Democratic National Convention, when William Jennings Bryan was nominated the third time for President. August 1, 1908 , Colorado Day is first celebrated, marking thirty-second anniversary of State’s admittance to Union. Dome of the State Capitol is plated with gold leaf at a cost of $14,680.

Colorado’s rich history includes Native Americans, the turn-of-the-Century Gold Rush years, pioneers, fur trappers, silver barons, cowboys, and gunfighters. Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in Colorado’s past, numerous intriguing sites await you.

Denver is home to the Colorado History Museum as well as historic homes, neighborhoods, districts, and parks.

Lieutenant Zebulon Montgomery Pike explored the southwest portion of the Louisiana Territory in 1806 and though he never climbed the peak that bears his name, he did publish a report that attracted a lot of interest to the area. The slogan of “Pikes Peak or Bust,” painted across many of the prairie schooners, was born at a time as fortune hunters headed west. Although only a handful of those who flocked to the region ever found gold.

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