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Hawaii — visiting the Aloha State

Hawaii Islands, USA (photo: NASA image)
Hawaii Island (Big Island), USA (photo: NASA image)
Hawaii, USA (map)
Hawaii, USA (map)
Hawaii, USA (map)
Hawaii, USA (map)

‘The Aloha State’

The friendly native greeting ‘Aloha’ became the state’s nickname. Hawaii – or better: Hawai’i which is the correct spelling – focuses on the many visitor coming from all over the world to enjoy this paradise. Arriving visitors are greeted by offering them the traditional ‘Lei’ – the flower necklace. This is at least how it was once, nowadays the islands are seeing million of arriving passengers and the Lei cannot be offered always.

The islands of Hawaii stretch across ca. 1.500 mi (2.500 km) and the islands that are developed for tourism are:

State Data & Facts

State Name
Hawaii  – State Abbr.: HI

– Statehood Ranking: 50

Land Area
6,423 sqaremiles  (16,635 qkm)
– Land Area Ranking: 47

(2000; Census every 10 years)


Biggest City

The Aloha State

Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono (== “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.”) / King Kamehameha III, 31-Jul 1843)

Highest Point
4.205 m / 13,796 ft (Mauna Kea)

Lowest Point
Sea Level

Hawaiian Time (GMT-10hrs, MEZ -11hrs)

Dayligh Saving Time: no

kukui (== Candlenut)

Hibiscus Brackenridgei

The Nene (phonetical: “nay-nay”)

Hawai’i Pono’i (Lyrics: King Kalakaua; Music: Henry Berger)

Island Data and Facts

Hawaii: 4028 sq. miles (10475 sq.km)
Oahu: 608 sq.miles (1575 sq.km)
Maui: 727sq.miles 1883 sq.km
Kauai: 533 sq.miles (1380 sq.km)
Lanai: 141 sq.miles (365 sq.km)
Molokai: 260 sq.miles (673 sq.km)

Oahu: 876.156
Maui: 117.644
Kauai: 58.303
Lanai: 3.190
Molokai: 7.404

Honolulu Intl. Airport (Daniel K. Inouye International Airport): http://airports.hawaii.gov/hnl/


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