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Florida, USA – visiting the Sunshine State

Florida, USA
Florida, USA

The nickname ‘The Sunshine State’ already tells a lot.
Visitors enjoy year-around a warm respective hot temperatures and flock to the state especially in winter.
Florida has nearly everything you need to relax: white sand beaches, warm water, a lot of theme parks and metropolitan amenities.

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Florida Overview

Florida’s nickname ‘The Sunshine State’ tells already a lot. Actually one may expect plenty of sunshine and warm, pleasant temperatures year-round.
Florida has to offer what a visitor is looking for in order to relax: white sand beaches, warm weather, vibes of metropolises including superior nightlife and culture, tranquility of small beach towns, amazing amusement parks, all kinds of water sports and much more…

In Florida the influence of different immigration waves of the last decades and centuries can’t be denied and eventually they make-up the diverse and interesting cultural mix in the state, especially in the south: Cuban immigrants stamp parts of Miami or Tampa (Ybor city), still today one feels old Spanish vibes in Saint Augustine.

Miami and Miami Beach form the cultural and commercial hot spot in the state. Miami’s pulse is ticking 24 hrs a day – on the other hand it is renowned as one of America’s most “laid-back” cities. Tourists from all over the world flock here every year to find one of the hottest beaches of the nation: Miami (South) Beach. Or even the nations famous Haulover Beach, where you can (officially) forget about any clothes.
Miami is a modern and progressive city with an immense commercial power.

World famous theme and entertainment parks like DisneyWorld, SeaWorld, Universal, Bush Gardens, Kennedy Space Center and others attract hundreds of thousand people every year.

Weather, Climate & Temperatures

Best time to travel / Season
The most pleasant time is probably between November and April. Temperatures are warm and the humidity is not as high as in summer.
Those who are seeking warm water to swim in winter should go as far as south as possible: Key West and the other keys islands are perfect – anyway other places, let’s say from Sarasota southwards can be fine, too. In summer that all doesn’t matter – water temperatures are ideal throughout the state.

Climate / Temperatures
In summer expect an high humidity which influences the human sense of heat. Watch the published so-called ‘Heat-Index’ which reflects the actual temperature and how it is felt by humans, which is higher.
Example: if we have an actual temperature of 30C you might feel if it were 36C.

With increasing humidity and heat the mosquito plague increases, too. While during winter mostly the region south from the everglades is still affected, in summer it doesn’t matter where you are.
Anyway, the more wind the lesser mosquitoes, which turns out to be pleasant at the beaches. Your hotel, motel, or vacation rental should be equipped with screened windows and doors. If you have a porch or terrace it is nearly mandatory that it is screened, too. Otherwise you won’t enjoy sitting outdoor in the evenings.

Hurricane Season
From June, 1st to November, 30th is Hurricane season in Florida.
It’s important to remain updated by radio and TV about upcoming storm systems. Voluntary / mandatory evacuations of regions at risk are possible.

Average temperatures in Miami in Celsius (Fahrenheit)

Jan 24 (75) 14,5 (58)
Feb 25 (77) 15,5 (60)
Mrch 26,1 (79) 17,2 (63)
Apr 28,3 (83) 19,4 (67)
May 29,4 (85) 21,3 (70)
Jun 31 (88) 23,3 (74)
Jul 31,4 (89) 23,8 (75)
Aug 32,2 (90) 24,4 (76)
Sep 31 (88) 23,5 (74)
Oct 29,4 (85) 21,3 (70)
Nov 26,6 (80) 17,7 (64)
Dec 25 (77) 15,5 (60)

Essential Data & Facts

Florida Flag
Florida Flag

State Name
Florida  – State Abbr.: FL
– Statehood Ranking: 27
Land Area
53,927 sqaremiles  (139,666 qkm)
– Land Area Ranking: 26
(2000; Census every 10 years)
Biggest City
The Sunshine State
In God we trust
Highest Point
105 m / 345 ft (Walton County)
Lowest Point
Sea Level
– Dayligh Saving Time
– yes
Sabal Palm
Orange Blossom
The common mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)
Florida Panther
“The Swanee River” (Old Folks at Home)

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