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Florida Keys — Key West — What is the Conch Republic?

Flag of the Conch Republic (Key West, Florida) [photo: Jmckean / Public domain]
Flag of the Conch Republic (Key West, Florida): According to Claude D. Valdez, the initial concept designer of the Conch Republic flag, (Jack Wampler was the original artist) the flag’s construction and intended symbolism are as follows: “The Background is a rich blue (for the blue skies of Key West); in the center is a pink conch shell (natives) upon a yellow sun with a flaming corolla (the sun always shines in Key West). Two constellations of stars are also part of the make up. In the upper right-hand corner is the date 1828, when the city of Key West and Monroe County were incorporated, and the five stars of the constellation Cygnus, the swan, which is also called the Northern Cross. The Northern Cross was chosen because it is a well recognized sky guide, shining where the Milky Way splits into parallel streams. In the lower left-hand corner of the flag are four more stars: the constellation of the Southern Cross. It can be seen from Key West at certain times of the year and is located at 60° south; it is six degrees long and points to the South Pole. Because the cross as a symbol is used by may religions, both the Northern and Southern Crosses on the flag acknowledge thankfulness to our Maker for the many blessings bestowed upon this island.” [photo: Jmckean / Public domain]

The Conch Republic, more commonly known as Key West and the Florida Keys, is to salute its founding day in April each year.

Traditionally irreverent highlights of the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration include a “drag” race between female impersonators in startlingly high heels and a lighthearted sea skirmish featuring tall ships in Key West Harbor.

As well as showcasing the independent and eccentric spirit that characterizes the Florida Keys, the celebration benefits a variety of local charitable organizations.

But why a ‘founding day’?

The birth of the Conch Republic was prompted by a 1982 U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint set up at the head of the Florida Keys so agents could search cars for drugs and illegal aliens. It virtually halted traffic on the only road to the mainland.

Realizing that the island chain was being treated as a foreign country, local officials protested by staging a secession from the U.S. and proclaiming the independent Conch Republic. They waged “war” on the mother country by pelting federal agents with stale Cuban bread, surrendered almost immediately and requested $1 billion in foreign aid.

The Border Patrol checkpoint was removed, but not before the Conch Republic had captured the popular imagination.

As well as the drag race and sea battle, highlights of the Conch Republic Independence Celebration include the World’s Longest Parade, named because its route down Key West’s Duval Street proceeds from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Conch Republic Red Ribbon Bed Race, billed as “the most fun you can have in bed with your clothes on.”

Among the other scheduled events are a reception aboard a World War II ship turned floating museum, open-air crafts show and food fest, fiddlers’ contest at the Green Parrot Bar, sailing race commemorating the Keys’ salvaging history and rebirth of a Key West tradition featuring a 7-foot Key lime pie.

Web: https://conchrepublic.com/

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