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Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona
Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona

…which is located ca. 5 miles east of the City of Page, Arizona, along US 98. Page itself is situated ca. 135 miles north of Flagstaff at US 89 (at Jct 98) approx. 9 miles south of the Utah border.
There’s an upper and lower canyon and both are owned by the Navajo Nation.

You can either book a guided tour online or with one of the operators located in downtown Page or you stop at the signs off of US 98 and proceed to the small booths where the Navajos sell tickets.
Best time for photos is around noon when the sun stands vertical over the canyon. This is when you might capture intense light beams that cute like laser beams through the canyon which is only shoulder-wide at its top. That’s why it is also called a slot canyon.
Best time of the year is during summer but you might see the ‘beams’ during the rest of the year sa well at a slightly different time.

Even without the beam you will experience that the canyon walls glow in amazing colors (orange to red).

The upper canyon is probably even more famous for the spectacle.
The upper canyon is approx. 300-400m (1/4 mi) long and has a hight of 20-40m (60-120 ft).

The tour guide tells that the saying goes that the canyon was discovered by a 12-year old Navajo girl around 1931.

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