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Climate & Temperatures in New Zealand

Dunedin area, New Zealand (photo: www.frankschrader.us)
Dunedin area, New Zealand (photo: www.frankschrader.us)


New Zealand’s climate allows a range of settings and moods.
Overall, the New Zealand climate is temperate, but ranges from snowy winters in the South Island to subtropical summers in the upper North Island.
The coast is never more than 100km (around 60 miles) away.

Best time to travel / Season

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer and Winter are reversed with regards to what people living in the Northern hemisphere know. If you live in the UK or the United States and you want experience New Zealand’ summer, you have to travel during your winter months and vice versa.

SPRING: September – November
Average daytime temperature: 16 – 19˚C (61 – 66˚F)

SUMMER: December – February
Average daytime temperature: 20 – 25˚C (68 – 77˚F)

FALL / AUTUMN: March – May
Average daytime temperature: 17 – 21˚C (62 – 70˚F)

WINTER: June – August
Average daytime temperature: 12 – 16˚C (53 – 61˚F)

January and February are the warmest months, and July is the coldest month of the year.

Take into consideration that average temperatures decrease from north to south and vice versa — even though New Zealand is not that big. A mild or warm spring / autumn day in the north can be a cold one on the South Island.


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