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Automobil club AA and its AAsmartfuel program — saving on gas

Saving money on gas

AA Smartfuel program in New Zealand
AAsmartfuel program in New Zealand

The New Zealand automobile club AA (www.aa.co.nz) has partnered with BP and Caltex and offers the AA SmartFuel card.

You do not need to be a member in order to save. Get the card for free at any participating BP or Caltex gas station and register your card online or by phone. Every time you use the card you can get several cents of per liter, however, you need at least fill your tank for NZ$ 40.

Every time you buy gas you can choose “to USE IT or to SAVE IT” — that’s what they ask you when you present your card. To USE IT means that the saving amount per liter is imstantly taken off of your gas purchase amount.

For details and other restrictions, please see the AA website

Website of AAsmartfuel

Details can be found here:

Website: www.aa.co.nz/aasmartfuel/


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