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Cash or Credit Card for your travel trip to Germany?


Germany’s currency is the EURO. 1 Euro has 100 Euro Cents.

Credit Cards

Visa and Master Card are the most common credit cards in Germany.

Credit cards in Germany are widely accepted, however, not as widely as in the United States. Be always ready to pay cash.

Discover Card is not accepted because it does not exist in Germany — there might (or not) be a cooperation with Diners Club, however a Discover Card is not a good option for Germany.

American Express Cards are widely accepted but your best option will be a Visa or Master Card.


It is still quite common in Germany to pay cash: this applies to nearly all types of shopping and in restaurants. So, carry always a sufficient amount of cash with you because you will encounter many places that do not accept Credit Cards.


All German banks have ATM’s and you’ll find them at bank branches or other places. German ATM’s (banks) will likely charge you a fee for using the ATM; also you should ckeck with your bank if they charge you additional fees for using ATM’s in other countries.


Banks can be found in nearly every city, town or village. Some branches exist in Supermarkets and have extended hours. In general, opening hours vary among banks but mostly they are open Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm and some are open on Saturdays until noon. Some branches actually close for lunch break! Most banks have ATM’s which are accessible 24/7.


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