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Cologne, Germany — shopping

Cologne: A shoppers' paradise Cologne is one of Germany’s top shopping locations. Whether it’s a trip to the busy stores in the pedestrian zones of...

Cologne, Germany — 4711 House on Glockengasse

4711 House- Glockengasse At Glockengasse No. 4711 you can admire an innovative spatial concept on the first floor of the traditional house. Redesigned in 2001,...

Cologne, Germany — it’s architecture

Architecture in Cologne These days Cologne has one of the most intriguing architectural landscapes in Germany. The east bank of the Rhine now sports the...

Cologne, Germany — The Cathedral

Geographic Location: Western Germany. Cologne‘s best-loved landmark, it rises high above the heart of the city like a gargantuan watchtower. Open daily from 6am to 7.30pm,...

Cologne, Germany — breweries, kölsch beer, and typical dishes

Breweries, Kölsch beer and typical dishes The metropolis on the Rhine has an immense diversity of culinary styles. Guests can choose between more than 3,000...

Cologne, Germany — a must-visit for travelers

Climate & Temperatures in Cologne, Germany Average temperatures Juli/August: up to around 30 C / 86 F. Winter: around freezing point. Due to the low elevation there's...

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