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Cologne, Germany — 4711 House on Glockengasse

4711 House in Cologne (photo: KölnTourismus)
4711 House in Cologne (photo: KölnTourismus)

4711 House- Glockengasse

At Glockengasse No. 4711 you can admire an innovative spatial concept on the first floor of the traditional house. Redesigned in 2001, the interior architectural structure of the gallery turned into an all-in-one exhibition, modern convention and presentation room.

Equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia appliances, the room is ideal for workshops, seminars, conventions and meetings of up to 60 persons. It creates a perfect event environment for companies, associations and other organizations. Inspections of the museum are only possible with a tour guide according to prior arrangement.

Taste the world-famous scent in the historic 4711 building and see the visionary gallery showroom that features valuable artefacts of 4711 “Eau de Cologne” history exceeding 200 years. The traditional house located on the Glockengasse is the birthplace and home of the world-renowned 4711 brand. It is one of Cologne’s most famous attractions and counts as one of the city’s cultural treasures.


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