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List of Presidents of the United States

Donald Trump, 45th president45Donald Trump2017-Jan-20 —
Barack Obama, 44th president44Barack Obama2009-Jan-20 — 2017-Jan-20
George W Bush, 43rd president43George W. Bush2001-Jan-20 — 2009-Jan-20
Bill Clinton, 42nd president42William Jefferson Clinton1993-Jan-20 — 2001-Jan-20
George H W Bush, 41st president41George Herbert Walker Bush1989-Jan-20 — 1993-Jan-20
Ronald Reagan, 40th president40Ronald Wilson Reagan1981-Jan-20 — 1989-Jan-20
Jimmy Carter, 39th president39James Earl Carter, Jr.1977-Jan-20 — 1981-Jan-20
Gerald Ford, 38th president38Gerald Rudolph Ford1974-Aug-09 — 1977-Jan-20
Richard M Nixon, 37th president37Richard Milhous Nixon1969-Jan-20 — 1974-Aug-09 (resigned)
Lyndon Johnson, 36th president36Lyndon Baines Johnson1963-Nov-22 — 1969-Jan-20
John F Kennedy, 35th president35John Fitzgerald Kennedy1961-Jan-20 — 1963-Nov-22 (died)
Dwight D Eisenhower, 34th president34Dwight David Eisenhower1953-Jan-20 — 1961-Jan-20
Harry S Truman, 33rd president33Harry S. Truman1945-Apr-12 — 1953-Jan-20
32Franklin Delano Roosevelt1933-Mar-04 — 1945-Apr-12 (died)
31Herbert Clark Hoover1929-Mar-04 — 1933-Mar-04
30Calvin Coolidge1923-Aug-02 — 1929-Mar-04
29Warren Gamaliel Harding1921-Mar-04 — 1923-Aug-02 (died)
28Woodrow Wilson1913-Mar-04 — 1921-Mar-04
27William Howard Taft1909-Mar-04 — 1913-Mar-04
26Theodore Roosevelt1901-Sep-14 — 1909-Mar-04
25William McKinley1897-Mar-04 — 1901-Sep-14
24Grover Cleveland1893-Mar-04 — 1897-Mar-04
23Benjamin Harrison1889-Mar-04 — 1893-Mar-04
22Grover Cleveland1885-Mar-04 — 1889-Mar-04
21Chester Alan Arthur1881-Sep-19 — 1885-Mar-04
20James Abram Garfield1881-Mar-04 — 1881-Sep-19 (died)
19Rutherford Birchard Hayes1877-Mar-04 — 1881-Mar-04
18Ulysses Simpson Grant1869-Mar-04 — 1877-Mar-04
17Andrew Johnson1865-Apr-15 — 1869-Mar-04
16Abraham Lincoln1861-Mar-04 — 1865-Apr-15
15James Buchanan1857-Mar-04 — 1861-Mar-04
14Franklin Pierce1853-Mar-04 — 1857-Mar-04
13Millard Fillmore1850-Jul-09 — 1853-Mar-04
12Zachary Taylor1849-Mar-04 — 1850-Jul-09 (died)
11James Knox Polk1845-Mar-04 — 1849-Mar-04
10John Tyler1841-Apr-04 — 1845-Mar-04
9William Henry Harrison1841-Mar-04 — 1841-Apr-04 (died)
8Martin Van Buren1837-Mar-04 — 1841-Mar-04
7Andrew Jackson1829-Mar-04 — 1837-Mar-04
6John Quincy Adams1825-Mar-04 — 1829-Mar-04
5James Monroe1817-Mar-04 — 1825-Mar-04
4James Madison1809-Mar-04 — 1817-Mar-04
3Thomas Jefferson1801-Mar-04 — 1809-Mar-04
2John Adams1797-Mar-04 — 1801-Mar-04
1George Washington1789-Apr-30 — 1797-Mar-04

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