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Portland Coffee Roasters, Tea Houses and more

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

In Portland, coffee connoisseurs permeate the population and are rivaled in number only by microbrew enthusiasts. Choices are plentiful, so where does one begin? Coffee purists insist on Stumptown Coffee Roasters.
This local roastery has five Portland cafés and, according to Citysearch.com, is “quite possibly the Holy Grail in the crusade for the perfect cup.” Another popular choice is World Cup Coffee and Tea. Whichever purveyor you choose, you’ll notice that both Stumptown and World Cup adhere to business philosophies that emphasize sustainable social, environmental and economic practices.

Tea may never displace coffee as the ubiquitous Northwest beverage, but local demand for ever more sophisticated teas from around the world is growing.
It seems there’s a tea shop in nearly every neighborhood, from Alberta and Beaumont to the Pearl District and Nob Hill.

The Tao of Tea, which has teahouses in southeast Portland and the Nob Hill neighborhood, also operates the Tower of Cosmic Reflections Teahouse in the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. Built by Chinese artisans with materials shipped entirely from China, the teahouse is one of the most authentic in the United States.

Drinking Chocolate is dandy any time of the day — or year, but there’s nothing better than warm, rich chocolate on a cool autumn day. Most of us grew up calling drinking chocolate “cocoa” (marshmallows optional). But now cocoa has gone gourmet, with numerous shops, from bakeries to chocolate emporiums, all vying to be Portland’s favorite place to drink premium chocolate mixed with cream and the occasional exotic spice.

Web: http://www.stumptowncoffee.com/

Web: https://worldcupcoffee.com/

Web: https://taooftea.com/

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