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Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, New York City

Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, NYC
Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, NYC

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Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a fascinating combination of linked indoor and outdoor spaces. Because it’s logical and orderly yet endlessly intriguing, the Center allows for both satisfying glimpses and extended tours. Explore the historic GE Building and the awe inspiring Radio City Music Hall. Stroll down the corporate corridor along Sixth Avenue. Enjoy the symmetry and serenity of the Promenade and Gardens or get a jolt of urban bustle on Fifth Avenue. Use the underground concourse to travel from building to building or just to shop browse and dine. Located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the GE Building is one of the tallest structures in New York, with seventy stories and a height of 850 feet

The flag-lined sunken outdoor plaza, is transformed from an outdoor dining and bar area into a skating rink during the fall and winter month. Inspired by the open squares of European cities, the plaza was originally designed as a focal point for the Metropolitan opera development planned for this space in 1926 John D. Rockefeller’s Credo.
Along the Northeast side of the plaza stands the very crux of the Center. Inscribed in a large, green granite block is the credo of the Center’s founder.

Promenade & Gardens
The main axis of Rockefeller Center, a gently sloping Promenade, Invites Fifth Avenue pedestrians toward the outdoor plaza

International Buildings
At 630 Fifth Avenue stands the International Building. John D. Rockefeller. Jr. sought international tenants for this and other buildings in the Center (U.S. tenants had been hit hard by the Great Depression), and he hoped that an international clientele would boost the Center’s prestige. Directly across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral looms the statue Atlas a companion piece to Prometheus and the largest sculptural work at Rockefeller Center. Atlas carries the heavens upon his shoulders as punishment for defying Zeus. At 50 Rockefeller Plaza, between 50th and 51st Streets stands the Associated Press Building, completed in 1937 further down Street is Radio City Music Hall, New York’s premiere seats, this is one of the largest theaters in the United States and one of the world’s most important examples of Art Deco design.

At corner of 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza are streets-level studios where NBC’s Today Show” is produced.
One of the original tenants of Rockefeller Center, NBC still maintains offices and studios here. Its presence helps define he Center as global communications center an electronic arena. On Rockefeller Plaza between 48th and 49th Street, is the entrance to 1 Rockefeller Plaza, the original Time – Life Building Down a circular staircase and diagonally northeast toward the main plaza is an entrance to a network of underground passageways that connect every building in the Center.
From here, pedestrians have access to stores, offices, restaurants, the skating rink and even the subway.

Web: Rockefeller Center | NYC’s Famous Cultural Landmark & Observation Deck

Observation Deck ‘Top of the Rock’, Rockefeller Center

New York City visitors can visit 3 major attractions with the new Combi-Ticket.
After using your Rock Pass to revel in the splendor of our observation deck (260 m / 850 ft high) , it gives you access to even more of what makes Rockefeller Center so special.
You have the majesty of our views, but also admission to NBC’s Studio Tour and legendary Radio City Music Hall’s Stage Door Tour®. With the Rock Pass, you can enjoy the view from the Top; see the magic behind the media; and marvel at an architectural masterpiece, all in one day or anytime throughout your visit all at one low price.

Price: please see Top of the Rock’s website (link to be found below) … but it is approx. $46.00 (in 2009)

Top of the Rock

From the 260 m (850 feet) high observation deck you have incredible views on Manhattan but specifically on the Chrysler Building, Central Park, the Empire State Building and East- and Hudson River.
If the weather allows you can view up to 130 kilometers (80 miles) far.
Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Web: Visit Top of The Rock Observation Deck | NYC’s Iconic Observatory (topoftherocknyc.com)

Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center: See our article: Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, New York City

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