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Illinois — visiting the Land of Lincoln

Illinois, USA
Illinois, USA

The nickname ‘Land of Lincoln’ points out the close connection of the state to the President. Lincoln lived in Illinois many years and built up his career from here.
Route 66 starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles, California, after 2.448 miles.
Chicago is the biggest city of the state, but the capital is Springfield.

Climate and Temperatures

Best time to travel / Season
Best seasons for travelling are spring, summer, fall. Not only that the temperatures can be icy cold in winter but the summer brings a variety of cultural events to the city.

Climate and Temperatures
Summer can be hot and very humid because of Lake Michigan. The breeze otherwise makes life comfortable. Winter can be very cold and the icy wind gusts from Lake Michigan make it feel even colder.

Average temperatures in Chicago, Illinois. In Celsius degrees and (Fahrenheit).

MonthMax C (F)Min C (F)
Jan0,5 (33)-7,2 (19)
Feb1,6 (34.8)-6,6 (43.9)
Mar6,6 ()-1,7 (29)
Apr15 (59)4,4 (40)
May21,6 (71)10 (50)
Jun27,2 (81)15,5 (60)
Jul30 (86)18,8 (66)
Aug28,9 (84)18,3 (65)
Sep25 (77)13,3 (56)
Oct18,3 (65)7,7 (46)
Nov8,8 (48)0 (32)
Dec2 (33)-5,5 (22)

State Essentials

Illinois Flag

State Name
Illinois  – State Abbr.: IL
– Statehood Ranking: 21
Land Area
55,584 square miles  (143,958 qkm)
– Land Area Ranking: 24
12.8 Mio (2017); 12,419,293 (2000)
Biggest City
The Prairie State oder The Land of Lincoln
State sovereignty, national union
Highest Point
376 m / 1,233 ft (Charles Mound)
Lowest Point
85 m / 279 ft (Mississippi River)
– Observing Daylight Saving Time: yes
White Oak
Purple Violet
White-tailed Deer
“Illinois” (Lyrics: Charles H. Chamberlin, Music: Archibald Johnston)


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