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Los Angeles, California, USA — Overview for travelers

Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles in a nutshell

The city of Los Angeles holds many distinctions. L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world, a cultural Mecca boasting more than 300 museums and a paradise of good weather. From tourist attractions like the Walk of Fame’s collection of stars to career opportunities like those presented in the expanding biotech industry, Los Angeles is the largest government center outside of Washington, D.C. Los Angeles has the only remaining wooden lighthouse in the world (it is located in Fermin Park in San Pedro). Los Angeles has the largest historical theater district on the National Register of Historic Places (located Downtown on Broadway)

Los Angeles is on the leading edge of the growth industries. The L.A. metropolitan area’s Digital Coast fills more multimedia jops (133,000) than Silicon Valley and New York City combined. The L.A. metropolitan area, with more than 122,000 jobs in the fashion industry, has surpassed New York’s fashion district workforce.

The Los Angeles Five-County area population is larger than many state excluding California, New York and Texas. The county of Los Angeles would rank as the 9th most populated state, just behind Michigan, with 9,9-10 million in 2022.

There are 88 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County ranging from Vernon (population ca. 100) to Los Angeles (population 3.98 million in 2022).

Los Angeles spans a widely diverse geographic area. Primarily a desert basin, the area is surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountain range, and divided by the Santa Monica Mountains. Los Angeles County has 81 miles of coastline and altitudes ranging from nine feet below sea level (at Wilmington) to 10,080 above sea level Atop Mt. San Antonio. Area rivers include the Los Angeles, Rio Hondo, San Grabiel and Ventura rivers.

The diverse multi-ethnic population of Los Angeles today distinguishes the city as the cultural hub of the Pacific Rim. People from about 140 countries, speaking Approximately 86 different languages currently call Los Angeles home.

Top 10 Sightseeing & Attractions

All about the best 10 or may be 20 best sightseeing & attractions, among them: Downtown, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Port of L.A, Westside, and more: Los Angeles — Sightseeing & Attractions

Climate & Temperatures

Average Temperatures and Climate in Los Angeles, California,

Jan19 (66)8,9 (48)
Feb19,5 (67)10 (/50)
Mrch21 (69)10 (51)
Apr22 (71)12 (54)
May23 (73)13 (56)
Jun25 (77)16 (60)
Jul28 (83)17 (63)
Aug28 (83)17 (63)
Sep28 (82)16 (61)
Oct25 (77)14 (57)
Nov23 (73)11 (52)
Dec20 (68)9,4 (49)

Public transportation L.A.

MTA – Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Web: Metro | Bus, Rail, Subway, Bike & Micro in Los Angeles


3.694.820, City of L.A.
L.A Five County area: approx. 16.4 Million
(U.S. Census 2000)


Los Angeles International Airport
Web: LAX Official Site | Welcome to Los Angeles International Airport (flylax.com)


81 m (267 feet)

Visitor Center

Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau

Web:Discover Los Angeles

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