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New Orleans, Louisiana — Overview for travelers

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans in a nutshell

…French doors open to the night breezes, sweet olive scents the air. Nearby there is laughter, a cork popping and cafe brulot aflame.

Welcome to New Orleans.
New Orleans is a large metropolitan city, an international port and a “melting pot” of many races and cultures. It is also a remarkable collection of historic neighborhoods, many of them as separate and distinctive as if they were separate townships or small villages.
Here, in this little corner of Europe and the Caribbean in the American South, the history is as colorful as the local architecture; the food is the stuff of legend. Haitian and African Creoles developed an exotic, spicy cuisine and were, uh, instrumental in creating jazz and Zydeco. Spanish style and Creole builders gave New Orleans the St. Louis Cathedral, named for a French king.

The street names are French and Spanish, the Creole architecture comes in a carnival of tropical colors, and the voodoo is a Caribbean import.
The magic is irresistible. In fact, New orleans celebrates almost anything in the Big Easy. ‘Laissez les bons temps rouler’ (Let the good times roll) is more than a reminder of our French heritage, it’s a way of life that began three centuries ago.

Sightseeing & Attractions – our list with the Top 10 or more

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Climate & Temperatures — Best Time to Travel

New Orleans is a year-round spot to visit.

Climate and Temperatures

The climate of New Orleans can best be described as balmy. New Orleans enjoys pleasant weather year-round, with temperatures that rarely dip below freezing in the winter or reach 100 degrees during the summer. From July to September, New Orleans experiences warm days and rainy afternoons, and it is advisable to carry both sunscreen and an umbrella where ever you go.

Since the city is situated in an area where hurricanes can occur, it should be advised that a visitor has always an eye on the local weather forecasts.
New Orleans is on or under sea level and storm surges can be very harmful to the city.

Web: Current weather in New Orleans: New Orleans, LA 10-Day Weather Forecast – The Weather Channel | Weather.com


Data and Facts

350.21 sq.mi. total area (ca. 908 qkm)
169.66 sq.mi. water area (ca. 440 qkm)
180.56 sq.mi. land area (ca. 468 qkm)

Public transportation

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

383.997 (2020 Census)
343.829 (2010 Census)

City: 484.674 (U.S. Census 2000; every 10 years)

New Orleans International Airport: Official Home – Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (flymsy.com)

-5 feet up to 30 feet above sea level
(-1,5 m up to 10 m)

Visitor Center
New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau
1700 Market Street, Suite 3000

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