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Schlossplatz, Stuttgart, Germany — The Palace Square

Stuttgart Schlossplatz [photo: Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH / Frank Hörner]
Stuttgart Schlossplatz [photo: Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH / Frank Hörner]

The beautiful and generously structured “Schlossplatz” with its impressive buildings and baroque gardens is at the centre of the city. A place which is mandatory in every stroll through the city.

The Schlossplatz is right in the flow of pedestrians, at the heart of Stuttgart’s main shopping mile, the Königstraße. Despite its busy atmosphere, the park invites you to stay and rest. On beautiful days, young and old alike sit in the sun on the numerous benches in the midst of manicures flower beds, green areas and antique fountains. If your prefer shade, you can find a spot under the chestnuts in the parkways. All around the plaza, lovely case beckon.

No matter where you look, there are magnificent structures like the New Palace (Neues Schloss) or the King`s Building (Königsbau) and modern architectural art, as in the Art Museum or the Königsbau Arcades. The classic meets the modern at the heart of the city of Stuttgart.

The grounds of the Schlossplatz were once part of the Count’s pleasure gardens. After Count Carl Eugen had the “Neues Schloss” constructed there in 1746, the plaza of Reinhard Ferdinand Heinrich Fischer was created. It mainly served as a drilling and parade yard. Only from the middle of the 19th century was the Schlossplatz redesigned into a public green area.

At the event of the 25th jubilee of the reign of King Wilhelm I. (1841), the Jubilee Column was erected at the centre of the plaza from the designs of John Michael Knapp, and gradually, a symmetric system of paths edged by flower beds was created, lending the Schlossplatz its characteristic face. In the early the 1860s, the Goddess of Harmony, Concordia (at the top of the Jubilee Column), and the two bowl fountains were added. The music pavilion followed a few years later; military concerts took place here on Sundays for decades.

Today, Schlossplatz is the scene of various events; these includes among other things open-air concerts, the Stuttgart Summer Festival and the public viewing area for the Soccer World Cup events.

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