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Oberammergau, Germany

Dorfstrasse in Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany [photo: Jebulon / CC0 / PD]
Dorfstrasse in Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany [photo: Jebulon / CC0 / PD]

Oberammergau is a picturesque little town in Upper Bavaria near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The town has a population of just a little above 5,000.

It is world-renowned because of the Passion Play theatre performance and that event happens only every 10 years.

Since 1953 the main NATO training and education facility (NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany) is located in Oberammergau.

Linderhof Palace: Read all about it here: Linderhof Palace, Oberammergau

Pilatus House (Pilatushaus)

The Pilatus House in the middle of Oberammergau is a centre for art and handicraft.

The Pilatus House is ornamented with a lof of so called “Lüftlmalerei” made by Franz Seraph Zwinck in 1784. The garden front of the building shows the scenery “Jesus’ convicting by Pilate”.

The houses name was given by this scenery. The “Living Workstudio” inside Pilatus House gives a chance to watch different artists at work. All guests are invited to come, to see and to ask everything they want to know – entrance is free.

Next to “Living Workstudio” there is a handicraft shop, where you can buy handicrafts from woodcarving to “verre eglomise” paintings or pottery made by “Living Workstudio” members.

Pilatus House, Ludwig-Thoma-Str 10, Oberammergau

Oberammergau Museum

The Museum of Oberammergau has various sections showing art and handicraft from Gothic up to Modern art in its collection.

OBERAMMERGAUMUSEUM, Dorfstr. 8, 82487 Oberammergau

Web: https://www.oberammergaumuseum.de/en

Oberammergau, Germany, Visitor Info & Getting Around

Population: Approx: 5,300

Elevation: Approx: 837 m (2,746 ft)


Airport Innsbruck (Austria): https://www.innsbruck-airport.com/en
Augsburg Airport (in Bavaria north of Munich): https://www.augsburg-airport.de/en/
Munich Airport (in Bavaria): https://www.munich-airport.com/

From the airports you can take either a rental car or travel by train.

Public Transportation
Regionalverkehr Oberbayern
The regional public transportaion serves the area and Oberammergau.
Website (only in German): https://www.rvo-bus.de/

Tourist Information
Eugen-Papst-Str. 9a, 82487 Oberammergau

Web: https://www.ammergauer-alpen.de/oberammergau/en


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