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Frankfurt Airport – what you need to know

Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is so big that it can easily be overwhelming for passengers – long distances between gates and under time pressure travelers get nervous. Check out our article with lots of links to the official airport website.

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). Web: https://www.frankfurt-airport.com/

Frankfurt Airport is the major hub in Germany and one of the biggest airports in Europe and the world – visitors will get an impression once they arrive at the airport. It is infamous for the long distances between gates and terminals and the often pour signage.

If you just have a transfer in FRA you should definitely plan a good amount of time between flight in order to have enough time to get from one plane to the other and handle all security, customs, and passport control. Also, the distances are often a factor in FRA.
When we travel we would always plan for at LEAST 2 hours between flights and that is very optimistic – better is 3 hours.

In Europe FRA ranks 3rd busiest airport after London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaule.

At FRA Airport — how to navigate Frankfurt Airport

Get informed about the terminals by studying the airport maps, to be found on the FRA Airport website: MAP: Frankfurt International Airport

Apps for your phone: FRA Airport

FRA Airport offers apps for Android and iPhone: go to the respective app store and search for FRA Airport app

At the airport: Airlines / Check-in / baggage storage

Go to following page: AIRLINES: Frankfurt International Airport

Night-before Check-in service

If you have booked a very early flight, some airlines offer you a convenient service: the possibility of checking in and reserving a seat the evening before. Don’t forget to bring your ticket, ID card or passport, and (if required) a visa. Please keep in mind that (in most cases) all passengers must be physically present in order to check in. Some airlines may charge a service flat rate for checking you in the night before your flight. Please ask your airline if and how much they charge for this service. EARLY CHECK-IN: Frankfurt International Airport

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