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Düsseldorf, Germany — Travel

Düsseldorf, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany: Images: Uerige, a must-visit brewpub in Old Town (left); MediaHafen, the revitalized harbor neighborhood with modern buildings, restaurants, bars, cafes, and more to see (right)

The city ranks top regarding quality of life among German cities, has a uncomparable Old Town called the ‘longest bar in the world’, and is a leading fashion city in Europe. The Rhine Embankment promenade and the urban residential and business district MediaHarbor are great places to shop, dine, and dive into the nightlife.

Dusseldorf-Düsseldorf, Germany, in a nutshell

More than 20 museums are yours to discover. Apart from internationally acclaimed exhibitions (such as Surrealism and Miró in 2002), there are permanent collections for every taste, such as the film museum, the theatre museum and the ceramics museum, to name but a few.

The attractive productions of the Düsseldorf Playhouse and the Opera are famous far beyond the region. Light entertainment – from variety theatre to boulevard theatre and musical – further enrich Düsseldorf’s cultural life.

Recent urban development measures at the Rhine promenade and in the harbour have considerably increased Düsseldorf’s attraction. The Rhine embankment promenade with its rows of plane trees and many sidewalk cafés has brought the city closer to the Rhine again and in summer gives an almost Mediterranean flair to the riverside. It leads along the old town straight into the media harbour with its exciting architecture: the Gehry buildings with their outstanding, curved facades and the transparent Stadttor (city gate) are amongst the most marvelled-at buildings in the city.

Düsseldorf’s prominent role as a metropolis of fashion and shopping is another aspect in the city’s colourful image. The exclusive Königsallee is the only shopping boulevard in Germany that compares with those in London and Milan.

With the introduction of the Düsseldorf Welcome Card – which is named DüsseldorfCard, Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (DMT) has created an attractive ‘visitors pass’ at a low price. Website: DüsseldorfCard

Sightseeing — Düsseldorf’s top attractions

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Travel Season / Climate & Temperatures

Average temperatures
Juli/August: up to around 30C / 86 F.
Winter: around freezing point

Best time to travel / Season
In general year-round, however, most tourists will prefer the time between Spring and Fall. Düsseldorf offers lots of interesting outside, open-air activities which are more fun during warmer days.

Visitor Info & Getting around

ca. 640.ooo (2017); 585.054 (2007)
(Source: Amt für Statistik und Wahlen Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, 2018-Dec; 2007-Dec)

Düsseldorf International Airport.
Website: www.dus.com/en

Public Transportation
– Rheinbahn / Website: www.rheinbahn.de
– VRR / Website: www.vrr.de/en/
With trams, buses and underground trains the “Rheinbahn” operates a network of over 1,400 kilometres in Düsseldorf. You can get from the main station to the Old Town in just three minutes with the underground. Because of its links to the Rhine-Ruhr transport network, Düsseldorf forms a uniform tariff region with the regional transport facilities in the surrounding area and the trains of Deutsche Bahn AG, at no extra cost.
(Information courtesy of Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf)

In the western part of Germany at the Rhine River in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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