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Driving in Australia: keep left

Driving in Australia and New Zealand -- keep left!
Driving in Australia and New Zealand — keep left!

Driving on the LEFT side of the street

This article is only for folks who drive in their home country on the right side of the street — all others certainly feel no difference when in Australia.

For all of you who do drive on the right hand side of the street in your home country it will be a huge change. Basically, once you get your rental car you are on your own and you have to throw yourself into the traffic.

You get the taste once you get into your rental car: the driver, of course, sits on the right side of the car, wiper and signal are on the opposite site compared to your car at home. That means you are likely to turn on the wipers when you actually wanted to set a turn signal.

If you are driving on streets with 2 lanes for the same direction then the right one is the passing lane. When not passing you choose the left lane.

Please study the following websites before driving in Australia.
Road Safety & Driving in Australia
Driving in Australia (australia.gov.au)

After 2-3 days you will feel better about driving on the left side; after a week you feel likely comfortable on the streets, and after 2-3 weeks it feels normal. No guarantee, though.

Overseas Driver Liscenses

Details can be found here: Driving in Australia (www.australia.gov.au/content/driving-with-an-overseas-licence)

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