Holidays and Observances in the United States – Calendar 2019


Official U.S. (Federal) Holidays 2019

A calendar with the Official U.S. Federal Holidays and other interesting observed days or events in the United States.
Federal Holidays are marked in “BOLD”.

1 New Year’s Day
21 Martin Luther King Day
– (3rd Monday)
2 Groundhog Day (Event: Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, always Feb 2nd)
3 Super Bowl 2019
12 Birthday Abraham Lincoln
Read also: Abraham Lincoln Biography
14 Valentines Day (always Feb 14)
18 President’s Day*

(3rd Monday)

* This holiday is designated (by Federal law) as “Washington’s Birthday” in section 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code,
which is the law that specifies holidays for Federal employees.

Commonly this holiday is named as President’s Day by private businesses.

22 Washington’s Birthday
24 OSCAR Night 2019 — Starts at 4pm (PST)
29th ? 2020 is the next Leap Year — until then there’s no 29th day in February.
3 Fat Tuesday (=”Mardi Gras”)
4 Ash Wednesday (=”the first day of Lent”)
17 St. Patrick’s Day
1 April’s Fools Day (always April 1st)
15 Patriots Day
22 International Earth Day (always 22th of April)
19 Good Friday
21 Easter Sunday (Catholic)
24 Administrative Professionals Day
(Secretary’s Day)Observed on Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week which is during the last full (Sunday-Saturday) week of April.
04 Star Wars Day
(stems from the quote: “May the force (‘Fourth’) be with you”)
05 Cinco de Mayo
(always May 05)
12 Mother’s Day
-(2. Sunday)
18 Armed Forces Day
– (3rd Saturday in May)
27 Memorial Day – (last Monday)
14 Flag Day
(always June 14th)
16 Father’s Day
(3rd Sunday)
20 Summer Solstice
4 Independence Day
(always 4th of July)
2 Labor Day
(1st Monday)
17 Citizenship Day
(always Sep 17)
21 Oktober Fest in Munich Germany: Sep-21 until Oct 6, 2019
22 First Day of Autumn/Fall
27 Native American Day
(4th Fri in Sep)
6 German-American Day

(always Oct 6th)

13 Chicago Marathon
14 Columbus Day
(2nd Monday)
16 Boss Day
(always Oct 16th)
31 Halloween
(always Oct 31st)
3 New York Marathon
11 Veteran’s Day
(always Nov 11th)
28 Thanksgiving
(4th Thursday)
15 Bill of Rights Day (always December 15)
24 Christmas Eve
25 Christmas Day
26 Boxing Day
31 New Years Eve