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USA — Overview and Intro

USA on World Map
USA on World Map

The USA consist of 50 states – 48 are the so-called “contiguous”, “continental” or “lower” states. Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th resp. the 50th state of the union. In addition to the states there exist several areas with a special status: Washington D.C. and the US territories to which Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and Northern Mariana Islands belong.

A list of all states can be found here: USA — list of states and regions

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AM/PM time format

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US Dollar (USD)


110 Volt — if you are coming from a country with 220 V your device which you want to plug in must indicate that it operates under 110 Volt as well. For the physical plug of your device you’ll need a (plug) travel adapter for the United States (… and that has nothing to do with a Volt converter!) – more… Electricity in the United States / Travel Adapters

Time Zones / Daylight Saving Time in the USA

See: USA Time Zones & Daylight Saving Time

Data and Facts

9.809.125 qkm / 3,537,441 square miles

2022 (March) 332+ million (according to the Population Clock (census.gov) which is an estimate)
U.S. Census 2010: 308,745,538 (Numbers exclude Puerto Rico.)
U.S. Census 2000: 281,421,906 (Numbers exclude Puerto Rico.)

Capital City
Washington D.C.

Joe Biden (since 2020),  46th president of the United States

United States Dollar (USD)
Symbol: $

Largest Cities
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago

Flight Time to/from Europe
from Frankfurt/Main (Germany) – New York:
8.30 Std +- 30 min depending on aircraft type, weather, etc.

School / Vacation season

Spring break: ca between March 10 and March 31
Summer break: July and August; school kicks off during 1st week of September. Last school day depends on school, county etc., but is usually mid of June.
Winter break: usually from dec 24th on for 7 to 10 days.

How (and when) to enroll in a school:
Contact the local school board, search for the website of the school district. Usually you have to enroll in the selected school until mid or end of June. That depends on the school.

U.S. History

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