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Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA

Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA [photo courtesy of www.frankschrader.us]
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA [photo courtesy of www.frankschrader.us]
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA
Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA

Lynchburg, Tennessee isn’t a place you ‘pass through’ on your way to somewhere else. It is so off the beaten path, it’s either your destination or you are lost. It is a tiny little town in a tiny little county with one BIG industry – JACK DANIELS DISTILLERY. Granted, most people come to Lynchburg the first time to take the tour of the oldest registered distillery in the United States. also a famous attraction that has served traditional southern food since 1908.

If you take the time to stay a little longer, you will discover an American dream: An old fashioned town, the likes of which you may have thought no longer existed. A charming town square surrounds the 100 year old courthouse. You will soon be browsing l eisurely through a variety of unique shops. No need to hurry. Just stop and chat awhile. Life moves at a slower pace in Lynchburg.

A drive around Moore County will leave you breathless. The sight of magnificent rolling hills, horse and cattle farms, beautiful old homes and churches, will have you humming God Bless America. You may have to stop while a flock of turkeys cross the road in front of you and be on the look out for deer. And yes, that fellow who just passed you in his pickup truck waved at you. That’s a Lynchburg tradition.

Before we go, we should tell you what you will not find in Lynchburg. There are no super stores or strip malls, fast food restaurants, concrete parking lots or high-rise buildings. The hustle and bustle of the big city life has by-passed Lynchburg. After you visit us, and spend a day or two in yesterday, we think you will understand, that is just the way we like it.

In a dry county, Lynchburg owes its commerce to the Jack Daniel Distillery. Everything black label is sold in the town, including whiskey candy and bar accessories. Commemorative bottles of the aged sippin’ whiskey are sold at the distillery gift shop.

Lynchburg is also home of the Tennessee Walking Horse Museum on the Public Square. The museum showcases the history and famous champions of a breed that are known for mild temperaments and smooth gait.

Data and Facts

127 square miles

Public transportation

Lynchburg 391
Moore County 5.740

Nashville International

795 ft. above sealevel


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