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Encinitas, California, USA

Encinitas, California, USA
Encinitas, California, USA


Encinitas is located about 25-30 miles north of San Diego’s main tourist attractions, but usually has lower room rates for travelers and a little less hustle-bustle than the areas nearer San Diego. Encinitas has it’s own attractions, namely Quail Botanical Gardens and miles of beaches.

A little driving around on the back roads of Encinitas will reveal an amazing amount of greenhouses where a year-round flower growing industry thrives.
Further inland is the newer part of Encinitas, largely a suburb of San Diego with many shopping areas and so on along El Camino Real.

The beautiful grounds at Quail Botanical Gardens, featuring one of the most extensive collection of plants, trees and shrubs, is a favorite of visitors.
Known as “The Flower Capital of the World,” Encinitas boasts an extensive collection of unique nurseries and gardens.
The San Elijo Lagoon, a brackish shallow water wetland, is home to aquatic insects, small fish, and water birds.
Situated on 175 acres of lush greens with ocean views, the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course is one of the top golf courses in coastal San Diego North.
There are also excellent restaurants to discover, beaches to explore, interesting shops, galleries, coffee houses and excellent hotel accommodations.

Surfing – Swami’s Beach
Surfing is a popular pastime for the young and old throughout San Diego County.

Famous from the Beach Boy’s hit song Surfin’ USA,’ in Encinitas is one of San Diego’s prime surf spots. In January 2002, Encinitas was named “One of the Top 10 Surf Towns in the United States “ by Surfer Magazine. Along with “huarachi sandals and bushy, bushy blonde hairdos…, ‘Swami”’s Beach offers big and challenging waves for experienced surfers.

Small town flair

Encinitas is less known than its neighboring surf towns and residential wish-list places, but if you are looking for a more Old California style place,… then Encinitas is it!

When we visited Encinitas, Rosanna’s Deli was THE place for original Italian food. Don’t know how it is today, if the place is even owned by the same folks and it is called Rosanna’s Pasta Shop nowadays,… just check it out and see if the quality is still top notch.

Encinitas is definitely a place to stop for a day or just a few hours.


Cardiff-by-the-sea is a beach community which is part of Encinitas, read more about it here: Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, USA


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