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Alabama — visiting the Yellowhammer State

‘The Yellowhammer State’

The name Alabama has been derived from the name of the Indian tribe “Alibamu”, meaning “brush gatherers”.
The nickname Yellowhammer State originated during the Civil War between 1861-1865 when soldiers wore during a parade an uniform with glaring yellow stripes. The spectators were reminded of a bird with same stripes under the wings: the Yellowhammer Bird.
From now on the soldiers had their nickname and later the state as well.

From now on the soldiers had their nickname and later the state as well.

From a historical point of view the capital Montgomery is the most important location of the state. The city became in 1861 the first capital of the Confederacy and Jefferson Davis was sworn in as first president of the Confederate States.

And: Jefferson Davis practically declared war on the Union when he gave the order: “Fire on Fort Sumter”.
When visiting Alabama don’t miss the Capitol of Montgomery (Alabama State Capitol) – the first Capitol of the Confederacy.

Today’s city of Huntsville marks the location of the first English settlement in Alabama and here the rocket and space program of the United States was born in 1950. Wernher von Braun, a German rocket scientist developed here together with his team the famous Saturn V rocket which made it to the moon.

Later, in 1960 the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center was founded here. From the US Space & Rocket Center at 1 Tranquility Base (off I-565) bus tours can be booked to tour the Space Flight Center. The cities important role in space history gave her the nickname “Rocket City USA”.

Civil Rights Movement

Under the leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr. , the first protests against discrimination of black citizens started in 1955 in the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.
Triggered was the protest when a white bus driver forced a black passenger to get off the bus because he didn’t make room for a white.

Mardi Gras

Carnival means Mardi Gras in Alabama and is ‘headquartered’ in Mobile where all this fun probably has its origin.


May be not as well known as Florida’s beaches but at least that attractive. Fantastic white sand beaches invite to relax and get sun-tanned.
The coast of Alabama lures most tourists to the State.


Best time to travel
Best time is spring, e.g. while the Azalea bloom has its peak. Winter is perfect to escape cold temperatures. Make a Historical Homes tour at Christmas in Mobile. Montgomery has many historical sites is a year-round destination.

Climate and Temperatures
In general a mild climate with an average temperature of 11 degree C in the south and 8 C in the northern part of the state. July brings an average of 27 C. Annual precipitation: ca. 160 cm per year with only very few snow; if snow occurs it’s in the north.

Average temperatures in C (F)

Jan13,9 (57)2,2 (36)
Feb16,1 (61)4,4 (40)
Mrz19,0 (66)7,2 (45)
Apr24,0 (75)11,1 (52)
Mai28,9 (84)16,1 (61)
Jun32,2 (90)20,1 (68)
Jul33,3 (92)22,2 (72)
Aug33,3 (92)21,6 (71)
Sep31 (88)18,8 (66)
Okt26,1 (79)12,7 (55)
Nov18,8 (66)5,5 (42)
Dez15 (59)3,3 (38)

State Data & Facts

State Name
Alabama  – State Abbr.: AL
– Statehood Ranking: 22
Land Area
50,744 sqaremiles  (131,422 qkm)
– Land Area Ranking: 28
(2000; Census every 10 years)
Biggest City
The Yellowhammer State or The Cotton State
Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere (== We Dare Defend Our Rights)
Highest Point
733 m / 2,405 ft (Cheaha Mtn)
Lowest Point
Sea Level
– Dayligh Saving Time
– yes
Southern Longleaf Pine
“Alabama” (Lyrics: Julia S. Tutwiler / Music: Edna Gockel Gussen)

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