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Palatinate Wine Region — German Wine and Vineyards

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Palatinate Wine Region -- German Wine and Regions
Palatinate Wine Region — German Wine and Regions

Dornfelder wines from the Palatinate

The Palatinate, a region of varied scenery, lies to the west of the Rhine and of towns such as Ludwigshafen, Germersheim and Speyer.

It is home to the second largest wine-growing area in Germany, with approx. 23,000 hectares under cultivation. The fertile soil and mild climate allow not only around two dozen grape varieties to thrive in the hills of the German Wine Route, but also figs, kiwis and lemons.

Roughly a third of the grapes grown here are red, making the Palatinate Germany‘s largest area of red wine cultivation. The most successful new red wine variety is Dornfelder, which is particularly popular with wine-growers in the Palatinate. This robust grape variety was first cultivated in the mid-1950s. Today, more than 8 per cent of German vineyards produce Dornfelder. The wine is easily recognised by its deep, dark colour. It is normally aged into a dry red wine. Similar to other robust red wines, Dornfelder is ideal for the colder season and goes well with a hearty roast, game or cheese. However, the more fruity variants from the late harvest are also delicious in summer, ideally slightly chilled.

Visit Heidelberg when in the region!

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