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German Food: Germans and their Bratwurst

Bratwurst -- the German Sausage
Bratwurst — the German Sausage

The Germans love their sausage (“Wurst”). The word appears in many German idioms and sausages are an important part of German cuisine. But there isn‘t one single German sausage.

Every part of the country has its own variation, which it maintains is the best.

There‘s Göttingen wurst and there‘s Thuringian rost-bratwurst (barbecued sausage).

People in Kassel swear by their Leberwurst (liver sausage).

The Swabians are proud of their Schwarzwurst (black sausage flavoured with thyme, cloves and nutmeg).

A Nuremberg Rostbratwurst is only around nine centimetres long – crispy brown and down in two delicious gulps.

The people of Regensburg call their favourite sausages Knacker because they go snap (knacken) when you bite into them.

Currywurst (bratwurst with curry sauce) is nearly as much a part of Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate.

Then there‘s the Hessen Presskopf and the Bavarian Presssack, black or white.

If you like sausages – or just the idea of tasting some new varieties – why not visit several parts of Germany and discover different specialities?

German Bratwurst Museum in Holzhausen

Geographic Location: Eastern Germany near Erfurt

What‘s 20 centimetres long, no more than 15 millimetres wide and covered by EU legislation since 2004? A genuine Thuringian rostbratwurst (barbecued sausage).
Thuringia has almost 3,000 different recipes for bratwurst. In the east of the region it‘s flavoured with caraway; in the south they add garlic. Thuringian rostbratwurst is very much a part of the region‘s cultural heritage.
There‘s even a German Bratwurst Museum, the first of its kind, opened in Holzhausen, south of Erfurt, in 2006. In around 200 square metres of exhibition space, visitors can discover everything about Thuringian rostbratwurst – history, traditional method of preparation, cultural significance and artistic context (incl. an exhibition of old postcards featuring sausages).

Deutsches Bratwurstmuseum
Bratwurstweg 1, Holzhausen

Website: www.bratwurstmuseum.de

Currywurst (bratwurst with a ketchup-curry sauce)

Geographic Location: Berlin

One of the most recent culinary traditions already has a museum dedicated to it. In Germany’s first Currywurst museum (Currywurst Museum Berlin) in Berlin Mitte, you can interactively discover this specialty and try different variations.

Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin
Schützenstraße 70, 10117 Berlin

Website: www.currywurstmuseum.com/en/


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