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Festivals in Germany: Food, Music, Beer, Wine

Festivals in Germany

Despite a number of common misconceptions, the Germans demonstrated to the whole world during the 2006 World Cup (in Germany) that they really know how to celebrate in style. In fact, Germany has a long-standing tradition of different festivities throughout the country.

There are a staggering approximately three million festivals at different places throughout Germany each every year.

Seasonal events

Seasonal events such as carnival in the winter (around February/March); spring, Easter and May festivals in the spring; open-air summer festivals and traditional autumn events such as the St. Martin’s processions and Halloween are held in most cities and towns.

The Sommergewinn Fair in Eisenach, a seasonal festival, is the largest German spring festival held three weeks before Easter. Established 1897, it begins with a grand festival parade through the town center and ends with the burning of a straw doll, used to symbolize winter.

Big national and international festivals

Old-established traditional fairs such as the Munich Beer Festival, Darmstadt’s Heinerfest Festival and Hamburg’s Harbour Anniversary are not only national events but draw international visitors from all over the world to Germany.
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A wide selection of wine, strawberry and potato festivals are held in a number of different regions. To find out about them it is best to contact the local tourism offices once you are there.
Throughout the year, there’s plenty of opportunity to celebrate the wealth of culinary delights that Germany has to offer.

Historical Festivals

Historical celebrations take place across the country every year. One of the biggest events is the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament near Munich

Music Festivals

Nuremberg’s Rock am Ring and Rock am Park are two2 of the most important and biggest music festivals in Germany.

Another type of music festivals are: Dresden Music Festival (Dresden) and the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Festival, which is said to be the third-largest music festival in Germany and it has long enjoyed a reputation as an internationally acclaimed event.
From June to September visitors will flock to the region to experience the aural delights of the new theme ‘Unerhörtes entdecken’ (discover the unheard). The event will bring talented newcomers from all over the world to Heiligendamm.

Food Festivals

Food Festivals in Germany

Beer Festivals

Beer Festivals in Germany

Wine Festivals

Wine Festivals in Germany

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