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Ahr Valley Wine Region — German Wine and Vineyards

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Ahr Valley Wine Region -- German Wine and Regions
Ahr Valley Wine Region — German Wine and Regions

Ahr Valley Wine Region

Geographic location: Western Germany

Few wine-growing regions are found further north in Germany in the Ahr valley.

Although it is believed that the Romans took advantage of its excellent soil and favourable climate to make wines, the trail begins with the Franks in the 8th century.

The Ahr river itself rises below Blankenheim Castle and meanders for 90 kilometres before flowing into the Rhine at Remagen.

Historic castles line the steep terraced slopes along its valley where vineyards have stood for centuries.

The Ahr region is best known for its outstanding red wines, which have improved considerably over the last 25 years and are getting better all the time. It is also the only wine region in Germany which grows more red wine grapes than white varieties (over 87 percent).

The pinot noir grape, which produces especially excellent wines, dominates the vineyards and flourishes in the advantageous geological and climatic conditions along the Ahr.

Some way behind but growing in popularity is the pinot madeleine, which now covers in excess of 34 hectares.

Much of the Ahr success story is down to the efforts of the region‘s leading wineries, whose superb red wines are now regarded as some of the finest in Germany and indeed the world.

Burg Blankenstein is a youth hostel

Address: Burg 1, 53945 Blankenheim, Germany. See location on our map. Nowadays it functions as a youth hostel.

Map Blankenheim

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