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Azalea Trail and the Festival of Flowers, Mobile, Alabama

Azalea Trail

End of March and in the beginning of April is the best time to see the Azalea bloom.

You should drive this trail by car – it’s about 35 mi (56 km) long and winds through the town. You will see some of the most beautiful houses and gardens of the Mobile.

Festival of Flowers, Mobile, Alabama, USA
Festival of Flowers, Mobile, Alabama, USA

Festival of Flowers

The Annual Festival of Flowers takes place end of March / early April in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

The premier flower and garden event of the greater Gulf Coast draws recognition and visitors from throughout the region and the country.

A celebration of the blooming traditions that are a treasured part of Mobile’s natural heritage, this floral extravaganza is set against the magnificent canopy of Avenue of the Oaks on the historic campus of Spring Hill College.

One of the more popular features of the annual show is the World Flower Exhibit, a floral fantasy unique to the Festival of Flowers. This extraordinary array dazzles every fan of flowers with its thousands of blossoms flown in just for the show from every corner of the globe.

This year’s event date and details can be found on the Festival of Flowers website, see following link.

Official Website: https://festivalofflowers.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mobilefestivalofflowers/

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