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Rotorua, New Zealand

Tight connection: Maori Culture and Rotorua Maori Culture Visitors to New Zealand are presented with many opportunities to experience Maori culture first-hand. The best-known of...

Auckland — for travelers

Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city is nicknamed: The City of Sails The nickname has of cource a substantial reason: Auckland is reputed to have the...

Auckland — Top 10 must-see places and attractions

Where is Auckland? It is located in the northern central region of the North Island of New Zealand. The City lies cross an 11...

Climate & Temperatures in New Zealand

Climate New Zealand’s climate allows a range of settings and moods. Overall, the New Zealand climate is temperate, but ranges from snowy winters in the South...

Automobil club AA and its AAsmartfuel program — saving on gas

Saving money on gas The New Zealand automobile club AA (www.aa.co.nz) has partnered with BP and Caltex and offers the AA SmartFuel card. You do not...

Electricity in New Zealand / Travel Adapters

230/240 volts (at 50 hertz) Australia has a standard voltage of 230/240 volts (at 50 hertz). The plug must be a flat three (if grounded)...

Ferry between North- and South Island in New Zealand

The ferry ride between the islands is 92 km and takes about 3 hours. Two ferry service companies transport passengers (and their vehicles) between the...

Driving in New Zealand — keep left!

Driving on the LEFT side of the street This paragraph is only for folks who drive in their home country on the right side of...

Arriving in New Zealand – Visas, Permits, Customs

Do I need a visa for visiting NZ? The requirement for obtaining a visa from the New Zealand consulates depends on the traveler's nationality. Travelers from...

Interesting facts about New Zealand

New Zealand was the first country in the world to have a government ministry for tourism, and Tourism New Zealand celebrated its centenary in...

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