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Monument Valley Accommodation: Goulding’s Lodge and The View Hotel

Goulding’s Lodge, Museum & Trading Post im Monument Valley Goulding's Lodge in Monument Valley

Monument Valley – a classic must-see in the Southwest USA

Monument Valley -- view from the hotel The View Monument Valley is located along the Arizona-Utah border inside...

Arizona, USA – visiting The Grand Canyon State

Arizona, USA The state's nickname is 'The Grand Canyon State'.Grand Canyon National Park with its approx. 4 million...

Four Corners Monument (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah)

Four Corners Monument: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah (photo: www.travel1000places.com) Four Corners Monument: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado,...

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Presidential Libraries of U.S. Presidents

Presidential Libraries of U.S. Presidents display important documents, gifts of foreign countries and document visually the time in office.Wichtige Dokumente, Ereignisse, Geschenke...

Arkansas — visiting the Natural State

Arkansas, USA State of Arkansas: The Land of Opportunity or The Natural State Top attractions

Bill Clinton Birthplace in Hope, Arkansas, USA

Bill Clinton Birthplace Home in Hope, Arkansas (photo: NPS) Bill Clinton Birthplace -- President Bill Clinton's 1st Home...

Bill Clinton – a biography

WILLIAM J. CLINTON42nd President of the United States, 1993-2001 William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States,...