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Travel1000Places.com is a travel information portal on the Internet. Online since April 2009.

Travel1000Places.com currently serves information about GERMANY, NEW ZEALAND, and under the domain magazineUSA.com about the United States of America.

Travel1000Places.com is the sister website of magazineUSA.com (USA travel guide in English), magazinUSA.com (USA travel guide in German language, which consists of 4.000+ pages content). Formerly magazineNZ.com stood separate but has been merged into Travel1000Places.com in spring 2015.

A word regarding our German edition: magazinUSA.com - "all about the UNITED STATES... in German" magazinUSA.com (online since 2000), which is an alternative if you target German travel(l)ers for any U.S. destination.

magazinUSA.com is the leading USA Internet portal of its kind in German language. magazinUSA.com is focusing on all German speaking people interested in the United States - either living in Europe or inside the US. Each year, far more than 2 million Germans are traveling to the United States spending about 5 billion US-Dollars - Germany is the world's largest outbound market for tourism, calculated on the number of travelers in relation to the total population. Our users have an enormous affinity to the U.S.A. A corner stone of the magazinUSA.com concept is that all information is subject to a permanent update activity. Since day one, which was in summer of 2000, magazinUSA.com has been accepted on the market and the relevance is continuously growing. magazinUSA.com and magazineUSA.com are dedicated to promote US tourism worldwide.

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Contact Info

Please read the advertising information below in order to find out in what type of advertising you are interested.

Please send your inquiry to:
Put after the @-sign the following: travel1000places.com

We will respond as soon as possible.

Travel1000Places.com, magazineUSA.com, magazinUSA.com, and magazineNZ.com are offered as brands of DENALImultimedia LLC, United States.
Operated by & Techn. Production: DENALImultimedia LLC, Longmont, Colorado, USA.


Please write us and we make you an individual offer.
Advertising starts at US$ 25.00 / month.
Bookings for 6-months and 12-months are eligible for a discount.

How to book

How to book:
Send us an Email:
ADV(@-Symbol) travel1000places.com

Step 1: Send your email along with following information:
- tell us what type of advertising you have in mind
- tell us on which page you want to see your TEXT-LINK(s)
- tell us for how many months
- provide your Ad title (optional), description text, desired link-text and Target-URL

Step 2: We will check the availability, email you our feedback, and send you an offer or a confirmation and invoice (PDF-format only).

Step 3:
- you send your payment

After receiving your payment we will activate the advertising on our website: magazineUSA.com.


Rev.: 30-May-2013

magazineUSA.com™ is produced as a brand of DENALImultimedia LLC, United States.
Operated by & Technical Production: DENALImultimedia LLC, Longmont, Colorado, USA

Travel1000Places.com (herein referred to also as 'we', 'DENALImultimedia', 'publisher' or 'us'or 'magazineUSA.com') reserves the right not to accept certain advertisements, e.g. ones promoting illegal activities, racism, violence etc...
At the point in time the booking is made the name of the advertiser (referred to herein as "you") and the advertised product or service (referred to herein as "product") must be disclosed. Any change of the legal entity of the advertiser or the underlying advertised product or service must be disclosed in case it occurs during the advertising period. In case such a change leads to a violation of these terms, we reserve the right to cancel the advertisement.
Each advertising placement must be approved by us before it can be booked.

General Ad Guidelines

- target URLs shall not be redirected to any other Url during the ad's lifetime
- the ad’s target URL cannot be changed unless we approve the new URL
- costs for approved changes: Changes of your description text or link during the booked period: 10 US$ per TEXT-LINK per incident.
- the website content that will be displayed after clicking the target URL may not be altered in a way that the presented topic changes (e.g. different product or service) during the ad’s lifetime.
- the target URL (and underlying page) shall not run scripts which are commonly considered questionable or unethical, e.g. (but not limited to) ones that try to invade the users privacy.
- any presented content shall not violate any laws of the United States and may not contain racism, violence, gambling offers, or porn.

We are monitoring advertisings during their lifetime in order to verify their compliance with our regulations.

If we find that our Terms, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines are violated we reserve the right to cancel the advertising without notification and we do not issue any refunds.

These are general rules and they shall protect our users.

Technical and Creative Conformity

Any booking and the underlying advertisement must also be conform to our Technical and Creative Specifications, see the TAB 'Creative Guidelines' .

Payment and Activation of an Advertisement

Any payments are due by the time of receiving our bill, which is the order confirmation, too. If we don't receive your payment in time, we reserve the right to cancel the advertisement.
After receiving your payment and any needed material, e.g. the creative (banner etc.), we activate your ad, means we make it available online for the booking period.
At this point we have fulfilled and met our obligation. If no cancellation occurs your ad will run for the agreed period of time.

Responsibilities, Liability and Legitimacy of the advertising

Any advertising must not infringe US laws or the law of your home country. You are also solely responsible to make sure not to infringe any copyright laws or any other related law and that the creative is completely juridical legitimate.

In no event will we be liable to any party or any (in)direct, incidental, special, exemplary or other consequential damages arising out of the use of any advertisements, including therein hyperlinked web site(s), on our website. Our disclaimer regarding the use of our website shall be also part of this terms and rules.

Presentation of Text Link Ads

TEXT LINKs are placed either in a border-free box or in a bordered box with a certain layout (optional). A TEXT-LINK box size, box title, advertising area title (like "Advertising", Advertisement", "Partner Link", "Partner Resources", "Web Resources", "Sponsored Content", etc.), borders, layout, font colors, styles, etc may vary. We may change the presentation at our sole discretion in order to make it the best fit for our website. We do not change the verbiage of your ad: link and description remain as you ordered it.

Cancellation Policy

Advertisements can be canceled by you at any time, but it has to be done in written form, e.g. by email.
If you cancel, no matter for what reason, made payments are non-refundable.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel your advertisement at any time, for any reason and without notification.
If this occurs without any underlying breach of these terms, we will reimburse you the pro-rated portion of your payment for the unfulfilled advertising period.

However, if we cancel your advertising based upon a breach of our Terms, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines we will not issue any refunds.
You agree to indemnify us from any further claim, demands arising out of any discontinuation of your advertising, whatever reason this might had. In no event will we be liable to any party or any (in)direct, incidental, special, exemplary or other consequential damages arising out of such discontinuation or cancellation in general.

Server availability

It's in our own interest that our servers are running smooth and reliable. Our servers run in a professional environment where we can expect a 99%+ uptime. Anyhow, should you notice that there occurs an abnormal server downtime which is within our control and can be traced in our server log files, we will try to give you a 'time credit' for the time in question, that means we run your advertising longer than booked.

Server unavailability due to force majeure / incidents beyond our control:
Any server down time related to occurrences beyond of our control, e.g. but not limited to an act of nature, hostile hacking, Internet backbone downs, provider downs, Internet related network timeouts or downs, labor strikes, electricity outages, acts of violence, unavailable DNS (servers), etc. will not lead to a monetary refund or any time credit since we also cannot foresee the effects and impact of such incidents.


Information on this web site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and is subject to change without notice. We make no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, timelessness, suitability or any other aspect of the information provided on this website and underlying servers.
In no event will we be liable to any party or any (in)direct, incidental, special, exemplary or other consequential damages arising out of such situations.

More conditions, including but not limited to e.g. ad dimension and size, may apply regarding a certain type of advertisement. Please read the specs of the appropriate advertising type.


Creative Specs
  • Keep in mind: a user is a customer! Ads are supposed to be user-friendly!
  • The creative must not mislead the user; e.g. it shall not simulate OS features such as message boxes or dialog boxes suggesting functionality that does not exist.
  • Animation loops allowed: up to 5
    Frequency not under 1 (one) second
  • All creatives must be delivered along with an URL.
  • All creatives have to contain the name or logo of the advertiser or the brand.
  • ALT Text may be delivered: up to 60 chars for Banner, Content Ad, and similiar; up to 60 chars for Buttons and Skyscrapers
  • All creatives must be provided at least 5 business days prior to the activation date. Furthermore all creatives are tested on our servers before the can be accepted for 'real world deployment' on our servers.
  • More specifications may apply, even when not listed here. Since there exists a variety of combinations and not all details can be described here - anyway for the majority of situations this document should fit. Therefore please describe your planned creatives as detailed as possible and provide a prototype asap.
  • Creatives that create interferences of any kind are subject to review and suspension.
  • Media Formats
    Plain Media Formats: .GIF (incl. animated ones) or .JPEG
    Rich Media Formats: all others, i.e.JavaScript, HTML, Streaming;
  • "A HREF" Target must open a new Browser window
  • a creative cannot open automatically own new popups windows; it may only open its target website
  • the content of the target website must match the information given in the creative
  • Scripts must function and shall not throw errors
  • Text formatting (styles or html) must be performed inline
  • Sound: should you plan to include sound, please provide a sample in advance. Sounds must not loop indefinitely without providing a Stop Button. Sounds must not start automatically.


All these regulations are made to guarantee for the advertiser and for us and for our users a smooth run of our website as well as an enjoyable experience.


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