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Nymphenburg Porcelain in Munich, Germany (photo: 0

German Porcelain

Porcelain’s 300 year history in Germany The first European porcelain manufactory was founded on 6 June 1710 when Meissen’s global success story began. The first porcelain makers, led by Johann Friedrich Böttger, discovered the...

Oktoberfest Munich 3

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Let’s talk ‘Beer’ — Oktoberfest Munich! Sep 22 – Oct 7, 2018 208 years Oktoberfest in 2018! (the 185th in Munich) First things first: The Beer Serving Hours are: on weekdays from 10.00 am...

Downtown Munich is Bicycle friendly 2

Munich, Germany, MUST-SEE attractions

‘Must-See’ Munich attractions These are the top picks of attractions and sights which should not be missed while in Munich Schloss (Palace) Nymphenburg (Palace of King Ludwig) Hirschgarten beergarden in Nymphenburg (that beergarden is...